Emmanuel on Being the Coach

After getting back from his problem the former right side of elephants began his conversation. For the Dimanche de foot that is DDF show on RTI, Emmanuel gave the details of his recent activities to the media in the Ivorian capital. He mentioned that he is known as the eye of the club in Africa. He is the supervisor of the Galatasaray in Africa.

He chooses to be a trainer to be a coach in the future. He is doing his diploma course from England to become a coach. He no longer has the license B to validate so he is waiting for the British Council to pass his license B. While waiting he has taken the role of trainer within the academy of his friend named Olivier Kapo located in Virdi and this training session is being done on the ground of Ivorian Refining Company that is SIR.

This academy was created in back 2007. By serving over there he is not just helping his friend but he is creating benefits for himself too till his license gets passed.  His first and personal goal at this academy is to learn from the fact that he has a license to get validate from the side of England.

In his recent interview, he also mentioned that no one helped him in his bad days. Even the Ivorian Football Federation (FIF) did not help him. Apart from N’dri Romaric and often Bakary Koné (Baky) who called him to support him. He saw nobody besides him when he required someone the most. Even his ex-wife left him alone. The first suggestion that could come from Eboue was that He gave Fatih Terim the name of Augustine Mahlonoko of the South African League. The 17-year-old acted in the No. 10 area.