25 thoughts on “Bruce Grobbelaar Remake spaghetti legs

  1. Journalist is nigger? Yes he is). And great jolly Bruce Grobellaar, the member of “100 who shook the Kop”, one of the greatest goalies of all time of LFC – is a boer. Boer is descendant of Dutch colonists, for ref.

  2. bruce vai al circo e rispetta gli avversari e pensa al tuo sud africa e al martire nelson mandela e gli spaghetti italiani te li sogni noi 4 volte campioni del modo e voi nessuna tie`!

  3. How old are you american girl? )) 8?
    You better speak about baseball, basketball or your american football. Not great old european football)

  4. I like him! As I like charismatic and humourous people! And what a biography he has! Real ranger, killed many terrorists.

  5. You are spaghetti eaters perform most unentertaining football in the world. Very lousy show your 1:0 victories, your f..g cattenaccio.. And your two spaghetti lovers missed penalty kicks in the final! Your Materazzi is f..g dirty bastard whom hates all the world))

  6. Who are you guy? Native Londoner? )) You won European Cup? Played more than him in 1st Division(Premier League) (440 matches), won more League titles(6)? I think that you are young arab(or african, pakistani) teenager who never saw him playing))

  7. Who’s that African guy?? He is really Norwegian viking? I don’t like him. Interview is not professional.

  8. grobbelar vai al circo che gli spaghetti sono made in italy!! tie` grobbelar italy 4 volte campione del mondo e tu sudaficano vergogna dell`apartheid!!

  9. in milan liverpool..dudek stepped forward before the striker hit the ball..so they should had retaken them.

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