Zimbabwe: Chipeta Promises To Bring In Sponsors For Football

Stanley Chapeta, the chairman of ZIFA Central Region is running for the post in national association’s election that is to be held on 1st December. He has promised that he is working hard and will clear the way for the traffic conundrum that is anticipated regarding the corporate world in the football industry of Zimbabwe.

Chapeta was praised for securing sponsorship to central region 2nd tier when he had convinced for the fund from Zimbabwe General Medical Aid Fund and also the Elshed Investment for sponsoring individual awards. Chapeta, the veteran administrator has said that he had been demanding a front seat for leading in matters in the national game that has been affected some failure for bringing in the corporate world for returning to the investment game.

He goes on to say that he has been associated with football for a significant period of time and he is aware of the significance of sponsorship among all the other things in order to take football to the next level. According to him, the progress of football in the country has been stalled due to the funding lack and it is pretty sad that the players and teams are losing out on a chance to perform well in their career.

He states that his record performing the role of an administrator is pretty clear and due to integrity and transparent nature, the corporate world feels happy working with him. Along with the members of the ZIFA board at the regional level, he has managed to secure sponsorship for the central soccer league.

Chapeta states that he is motivated to do similar things at the national level and he can promise this since he has a proven record. He says that he is going to do the same when it comes to the national level.