14 thoughts on “Sepp Blatter discusses corruption with Mugabe

  1. shit splatter, sorry sepp blatter has to go or fifa has to go. the fa should pull out of fifa along with all the other international fa’s and form a new non profit one and have a new world cup free from this disgustingly corrupt orginization

  2. bet they had a right old fucking laugh about who’s taken the biggest bribes in their careers

  3. sepp is a good ambassador for the game. he has not resigned because he has to much energy left, and also says he has to stamp out corruption ok

  4. Sepp Blatter  of FIFA has to go , get him out, we do not need or want him

  5. Cmon people… the Zimbabwean gov has proven on countless occasions that it is incapable of taking care of any of the problems the country faces never mind the corruption! Evrryone has suffered for long enough now, time for action to be taken! Some one/a lot of people will have many questions to answer as to why this tyrant (it sickens me to even think his name) was never stopped in his tracks!

  6. Chacha speaks sense. Taking the piss makes you look like a bit of a wanker.

  7. but you as an indiviual can feel free to judge away! i dont take the blame or credit for anything my country does…. only what i do myself.

  8. if we britian were completly clean then this would be a good news story but while were fighting an illegal war and the on going saga of mps expenses this isnt the best story to pass judgement on

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