14 thoughts on “Maroc vs Zimbabwe

  1. al hadaf tani machi horj jeu laha9ach wahad la3ab kan matsawi m3a chamakh chofo mlihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. morrocans should just concentrate to netball,volleyball soccer is just for you guyz or even being supporters of other footballiing nations its better instead of embrassing yo nation .cheers

  3. Man, The first goal was not an offside. I’ts a clear goal. If you look at the video there was a Zimbabwean player behind the Maroc player. Therefore the man was not offside because the Zimbabwean player did not run when the ball was already in motion. I am Zimbabwean but that was a clear goal.The match offcials were right.

  4. no abusive language the first goal is so offside my 2 year old boy can tell you that from his sleep

  5. maroc will never come close to clinch the African Cup of Nations, they win through unscrupulous goals.mwanawevhu

  6. Oh Fuck you Nhemamusasa..
    I sår the game,Morocco Was 100% Better and deservet the win…

  7. Morocco’s first goal is a clear offside. The striker couldn’t believe himself. The Tunisian referee is a disgrace!But why do CAF employ a ref from a neighbouring country to officiate in a match against a team from another region????

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