25 thoughts on “Liverpool Legend – Bruce Grobbelaar

  1. I remember what Bruce used to do in the kick in before the game started. John Aldridge was shooting at him to warm him up, he would catch it turn and face the kop, throw the ball at the kop, but it would hit the bar and land at Aldo’s feet. Brilliant Bruce. Just brilliant.

  2. I am proud to say that Bruce Grobbelaar ran in to me and knocked me over when i, together with hundreds of other kids, ran out on the pitch chasing for autographs after a match during their training camp in Sweden 84-85 something. He was my idol as a kid.

  3. Goalkeepers just don’t make that kind of save anymore (dive to the top corner and actually catch the ball).

  4. Bruce Grobbelaar is a Legend. He was the ”Clown prince of goal-keepers”.

  5. He will NEVER be a Liverpool legend, he sold Liverpool down the river when he took them bungs, the dirty rat…he belongs in the gutter that f-ing RAT

  6. people may not believe this but im related to him my sername grobbelaar

  7. I was in the Stretford end, with my Liverpool shirt well hidden, when the Utd supporters started singing to Bruce: ” Oh Brucey, Brucey…….Brucey, Brucey, Brucey, Brucey Grobbelshit”, to which he wiggled his arse at them, everyone was laughing their heads off. There was a lot of respect for the man, even from fiercest rivals. Met the man a few years back in Toronto, top bloke. A real legend.

  8. “And I led the ball back to bruce…. where was bruce? Somewhere by the corner flag.”

    “thanks bruce..”

    HAHAHA I love that part, so funny 😀

  9. When I was in my late teens, I was a goalkeeper on a soccer team. It was the semi-finals and our team was tied at the end. A month ago, Grobbelaar had won against Roma. Our team went on to penalties, and I saved 1 and missed the next two, my team score first and second. On the fourth penalty shot, I decided to bite the net, and did the spagetti legs. The shot hit the post. Our team won the semi’s. Thanks Grobbelaar, you helped my team win the finals of our division.

  10. when i was a kid i wanted to be him not spiderman nor superman but the legend that is bruce grobbelaar

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