25 thoughts on “Greatest goalkeeper actions ever!

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  2. That save with the feet was unreal. What reflexes! I dont play soccer but if I were to learn I would love to be goalkeeper!

  3. I was a better soccer player than a goal keeper when i was in high school lol…

  4. goalkeepers are da best positen in soccer because im best goalie in my school

  5. 0:00 - 0:10 lol? Looks like he’s a newborn baby deer, Look at his legs wobble

  6. 1:35 is at highbury, but if you look at the crowd afterwards, even the arsenal fans are applauding jerzy dudek!

  7. 2:07 – 2:22 = best Keeepeer evaaaaaaaaaaaar! Thubs up if you think the netherlands is going to win the world cup!

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