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  1. i dont think the tackles were that high and i think the refereeing was terribly unfair, but everyone has the right to beleive what they want to. and the loss against slovenia was gay thats algerias main problem, they can make a lot of chances but they cant score on them a team like brasil would never miss easy chances. and also in some game algeria plays amazingly well like when they lost against argentina 4-3 even tho they were winning 2-1 in the first half but in some games they dont

  2. and yeah algeria is top 5 best african teams for sure, because they knew how to play with each other in qualifiers and stuff but you guys were very dirty to us and I know we are too but still its not worth to start a war over a soccer game man

  3. no man, the ref was fair, u guys commited 37 tackles WITHOUT the ball in our feet so no the ref was fair on all those red cards, u guys tried to hurt our players, not play proper soccer and thts what u guys got PROPER soccer. Algeria performed very well in qualifications i can admit that but what did they do after? look you guys lost to slovenia

  4. this fight between us has been going on for way too long, having a rivalry not only makes the games more interesting but brings out a lot of fights, wouldnt you agree?

  5. dont forget the refereeing was terrible for the 4-0 game,as even said by other websites, i cant give u the links cuz apparently they get blocked, im not saying egypt is a bad team, but i find it strange how they could have won 7 african titles, more than algeria, while they have been qualified for the wrold cup, less than algeria (including this years qualification). wether bribery is involved,im not sure, all i know is algeria and egypt are the top 2 teams in africa

  6. Algeria can only be good occasionally, Egypt is a great team, everybody except u algerians know that egypt deserves to be in world cup but our problem is we get too overconfident thats why we lost to u guys 1-0 and dont even talk to me about the 3-1 remember in african cup of nations what we did to u after that??? yeah 4-0 buddy so yeah tht proves we deserve to be in world cup but I dont care anymore because we won 3 african titles straight which algeria will never win

  7. woah calm down buddy, if egypt is so great y did they not get qualified. and egypt did not beat england either so u rrly cant say anything idiot, and if we got lcuky how come algeria won 1:0 and 3:1 whats your excuse now huh? the algerian team just doesnt have experience together.

  8. uuuhh egypt has only had 2 world cup qualifications and including this year, algeria has 3, so there really is no need to lie, go check on the fifa website. and i right now egypt is 12th in the world rankings, IN FRONT OF SERBIA! SERBIA OWNS EGYPT the world rankings can be rlly werid sometimes

  9. dear egyptian brother

    thank god you beat us in angola semi final so come on people can we have repect everyone need respect thanks in the final of african of nation 2010

  10. Ha ha, algerians are always there to critiscize egyptian football. Bunch of bad losers. Egypt are by far the best in africa and they are far better than many teams going to the world cup.

  11. maybe egypt algeria will meet again in the quarterfinals of africa cup….i will go to angola if this match happens!!!

  12. Yes 2006 AND 2008 winners!!! Maybe the Algerie can start shouting about how great they are on FIFA when they have had some real success not just a WC qualification. I would NEVER swap any of our SIX ANC titles, did you hear that properly Algerie, that is “SIX” titles for a WC qualification. 1 2 3 FUCK Algerie!!!!!!!

  13. SHUT UP U stupid algerians its not like u bastards are gonna get past the 1rst round of the world cup while egypt are capable of that like come on do u think ALGERIA could ever beat italy or come as close as we did against the best team in the world brazil NO WAY and U GUYS GOT LUCKY THATS WHY U WON lets say if u faced france and lost and went out of the world cup would u have sent ur prisoners after them? no way u guys would still be thier slaves and suck thier dicks like you do now u idiots

  14. Dishonest, thief, liar and poor people.
    Fuck Egypt.
    Fuck la “Vache Qui Rit”
    God bless Algeria,
    Algerian are warriors.

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