12 thoughts on “David Texeira Linked with Liverpool

  1. Carroll cost 35 million Euros (price of Rademel Falcao & David Silva) he isn’t gonna be thrown away so quickly.

  2. Check out Abel Hernandez (21-22yrs) Uruguayan as well…..prefer him over this guy (looks like a poor mans suarez).

  3. @fayyaz431
    yeah, i hope so! we’re investing a bit in talent from uruguay, and it’s obvious why (looking at suarez, cavani, forlan a few years ago though he’s still good, coates now and this guy)! hope we sign him! YNWA

  4. I hope this guy is good.. Can’t judge based on this video alone. Caroll looks terrific in you tube.

  5. looks like a good finisher and could make the team ahead of shitty Carroll. Liverpool seem to be starting a Uruguayan trend

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