Zimbabwe continues to fall down World Rankings

Zimbabwe continues to go down in the world rankings. As per the recent rankings, they are out of 100.

The lowest position that Zimbabwe has ever been to is no. 107. But, their current situation suggests that they are going to slip down even further than that this time around.

Zimbabwe has had a horrible run in the qualifiers of the Africa Cup. They have fired their manager as a consequence of that and have just begun to rebuild under the new man in charge Callisto Pasuwo. They are bound to suffer some more defeats in future with young and inexperienced players in their ranks.

At the start of 2014, it seemed Zimbabwe football was going alright as they climbed up and reached at the 90th position in the first quarter of the year, but, ever since, it has been a downward curve for the Warriors.

As far as the association in Zimbabwe is concerned, it has its own problems.

Because of the high debt that the Zifa is finding itself under right now, the future of football is the nation appears to be very gloomy.

There has been huge financial pressure on the bosses of the association right now. So, it’s hard for them to even think about the steps that they need to take in order to make sure that the Warriors start winning at the international level in all age groups.

When Cuthbert Dube had been elected as the head of Zifa again in March, he had said in his speech that he would work strategically and do everything that’s possible for the good of the game in Zimbabwe.

But, a lot of time has gone by and nothing has been done by Dube & company in that regard.