Ovidy Karuru set to Break Record of Highest Goal for Country

When Ovidy Karuru steps onto the pitch to represent Zimbabwe in the Round of 4 clash of the COSAFA Cup versus Lesotho tomorrow, he will have the opportunity of becoming the competition’s high scorer for his country.

Currently Karuru is one strike behind Peter Ndlovu who has a total of 7 goals to his name in the COSAFA Cup.

But, the noticeable difference between the stats of the two players is that Ndlovu didn’t collect all his goals in one single edition of the competition. He featured in the competition thrice. Karuru, on the other hand, has found the net 6 times in one edition itself and if he continues his form, he is more than likely to go past his senior during this very edition.

As per Karuru though, the possibility of setting a new record is not on his mind. More than reaching any individual landmark, what’s important for him is to achieve positive results for the team and the positive results can be achieved only when nobody thinks about himself and the ball is given to the player who has the best chance of putting the ball into the net at a given time.

Karuru admits that it would feel great if he ends up as the highest scorer, but, he insists that it’s not going to motivate him to play selfishly. Of course, he will look to find the net as he always does, but, he will also take it into account which player is in the best position to convert a move into a goal. If it’s him, he will go ahead and do it himself. If it’s somebody else, he will bring him into play. Whosever name the goal goes in, it will definitely go in the name of the team and that’s what he wants.