24 thoughts on “Murray v Thompson

  1. I’ve decided I love this guy. See him against Kazan today? Saved a pen and was hopping about shouting at the outfield players for about 5 minutes afterwards. Like Bruce Grobelaar.

  2. Yo Jah kno… I kinda sound like a groupie, but Thompson and I used to go to school together back in Jamaica.. Im so proud of him!!

  3. That’s the sort of spirit and attention to detail that has us in the Europa league.

    Though perhaps twinkle toes Thompson got a little over-excited there. 😛

  4. jebem li ti mamu retardiranu …polako cekaj da dodjemo u tu tvoju jebenu Irsku zapalicemo vas sa sve detelinom

  5. And dont talk that about Gravediggers! Partizan is our life,our passion ! If you come to Belgrade you will see what is real fans! Not hooligans,JUST FANS!!

  6. Im racist !? Im against racist, you dont know what i said ! Im said that this goalkeeper is only player of Shamrock who plays for any country,and that was before 7 years when he played for Jamaica !

  7. .. dirty racist Serbs… even the Albanians have more class than ye cunts… 😀

  8. That is true and i apologise for that but that other guy is an idiot and a racist.

  9. One of our favorite players in Partizan were black, no one is racist. Also there are lots of kids on the internet so its stupid to insult whole crowd because of few individuals. Partizan has big fan base so you will always find some idiots.

  10. no im just sticking up for my teams keeper youre the racist cunt. Your fans are nothing but thugs and hooligans and murderers that shame football

  11. aa? Internet hooligan ? Fantastic … come to Serbia to see real fans …

  12. .. Sprdam se covece,blatim ugled sta lupas ti…Ja cu preko neta da blatim ugled neciji zabole me kurac sta o grobarima misli Shamrock,a kulturan sam dovoljno…

  13. I skadarliju i da se nakrkaju rostilja debeli irci, a boga mi i sarme, mada nije sezona. Pa onda uvece lagano na splavove da popiju to pivce, e onda mogu lagano kuci sa 5 komada 🙂

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