21 thoughts on “jake roberts arrives in the wwf 86

  1. If everyone spoke as clearly as Mene Gene Okerlund, there would be no breakdown of communication in the world.

  2. Jake was a master thespian of wrestling. If he could have controlled his demons he could’ve become the greatest booker and one of the most influential people in the business or even gone on to become a screenwriter or on-screen villain in Hollywood. Such was the gravity of his talent. But his tramautic childhood certainly did a number on him and he turned to drugs and alcohol. He’s survived but at the price of losing friends, family & a potential career of notoriety beyond even WWF or wrestling.

  3. Sat what you want about Vince McMahon but the guy is no dummy. As for Jake? Legend, plain and simple. Besides the original version of The Undertaker, no wrestler had the ring psychology, the verbal skills or the intelligence that The Snake has. He may not have been the biggest or toughest or most technical wrestler, but not many could put on a better show.

  4. LOL I was drunk, and I took something wrong. When you said ” I wouldn’t be surprised if Jake pulls through, and hopefully Macho Man too”, I thought you were talking about the drug problem still, rather than pulling through into the hall. My bad!

  5. Jake was the All-American good guy?! There was NOTHING All-American about Jake “The Snake” and that’s why so many people liked him. He was stone cold cool before Stone Cold.

  6. i remember watching sat nite event DDT steamboat. I remember my parents mocking wrestling and watching with me and they were in shock because they knew he was knocked out

  7. There was nothing fake in how he went down after that guitar shot.Ouch.That Steamboat DDT was bad as well.

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