Gorowa Makes It Clear That He Wishes To Stay

The manager of the Zimbabwe national football team, Ian Gorowa, has made it clear he is not going to leave his post.

Zimbabwe suffered a humiliating loss against Tanzania a few days ago with which they got out of the race of the Nations Cup finals qualification.

The fans of the Zimbabwe team were hugely disappointed after that game and rightly so. They have every right to be disappointed as their team has not given them a single moment of joy in the last 5 years or so.

Zimbabwe’s journey in the World Cup qualifying tournament was disastrous too. They couldn’t secure a victory in any of the 6 matches that they played and ended up at the last position in their group.

After that loss against Tanzania, there had been talks that Gorowa might consider to resign, but, the 42-year Old denied the possibility of that happening.

Speaking to the reporters yesterday, Gorowa said that losing the Tanzania game was gutting for him too. It left him totally devastated, but, he decided to be practical and not to take any decision while being emotional.

The Zimbabwe boss said, “It was very difficult to take, that result (against Tanzania). We let a lot of people down there and I want to convey my sincere apologies to them. I want to say sorry to the reporters as well who were waiting for me there and I didn’t come. I hope people understand how terrible I was feeling at that point of time.”

“As far as my future with Zimbabwe football is concerned, the only thing I want to say is that it was very easy for a manager to leave it all and part ways with the association after that defeat, but, I didn’t do that. My love for the nation didn’t let me do that. I am determined to bring Zimbabwe out of this situation.”