25 thoughts on “Bruce Grobbelaar vs Steve McManaman

  1. macca and dyer vs bowyer and grobellar…a shot for wwe tag team championship…? lol…

  2. Lol, before I used to say: “LOL! Look at thoose twats at their own team, fighting. Stupid idiots”.
    Then I realised it was McManaman and Grobbelar… Really awkward moment.

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  4. The end Of Liverpool. But god has a plan. Only those who follow him will be saved

  5. hahaha, a two fisted punch by skinny Mac and it barely grazed the surface!

  6. Bad times indeed for Liverpool back then. A bad manager and too many average players in the team. Thank goodness for Roy Evans.

  7. – lol, I remember the days when Macca used to go drinking on County Road… he’d be just walking along with his girlfriend heading to the Royal Oak. It was a normal sight on a saturday night. They couldn’t do that these days.. not in Walton/Kirkdale. The poor guy would get shot at, at least.

  8. Imagine that happening today… they’d both be banned for 3 games at least. It’s a shame Brucie was bent, as it looked like he genuinely cared here.

  9. bruce grobbelar reminds me of charlie bronson the bare knuckcle boxer lol you dont get players like these anymore

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  11. And the oscar go’s to…..Bruce Grobbelaar for “That Ones For Free”

  12. Grob, what a pleb, Macca should have banged him out…doesn’t Grob know he’s from Kirkdale?!

  13. LOL @ Bruce GrobbelLOL pretending to be upset at letting a goal in……

  14. Keep clicking 0:06 seconds… Looks like Grobbelaar’s trying to do some disco dance and Steve gets him with a quick right jab.

  15. That true about Grobelar questioned about the Everton goal? What was the story about the goal? Just interested……

  16. this is why you don’t trust people with moustaches…. they are up to no good

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