25 thoughts on “Bruce Grobbelaar Funny Paddy Power Ad

  1. PaddyPower will be out of business soon. And the sooner the better, with small fry like his business out of the way…..there will hopefully be less corruption in sport. such as the daily horseracing/horses generally running in no particular urgency joke


  3. Hi to all football fans, could u please comment on this this video if u havent yet. Could u also spread it to other football fans on youtube to see who is the most supported team


  4. I agree with huzzler!! All paddy power ads are good ideas but don’t work because the acting from the old pros is soooo shit!!

  5. The paddy power ad’s always seem to have a great idea but for some reason the execution for me just dosen’t work. Maybe it’s because the acting is so poor from most of the xpro’s thier delivery just dosen’t have the impact to make the message work. Its like you remember the craziness of Bruce Grobbelaar coming out of a fridge but not paddy power or the money back special.

  6. Paddy Power are robbing scum, portraying themselves to the public as some kind of lovable bookies with your interests at heart, they robbed me of 25 euro online with ‘no bet’ bets – I kid you not, they are thieves.

    Don’t ever have any dealings with them folks.

    If you want anymore info on the matter just ask me here, I have the emails to prove it, the greedy scum wouldn’t even offer me my money back.

  7. Great ad!! But Bruce grobbelaar is such a shit actor!!! Don’t do anymore ads Bruce!!!

  8. grobelaar giving someone money based on the outcome of a football match. Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around…?!

  9. i’m rarely influenced by adverts but ones that make me laugh are definitely more likely to get me to use their services. These ones are class 🙂

  10. Just to let you all know, Grobbelaar was actually CLEARED of all charges and in fact, sued The Sun for libel.

  11. he he, dont throw it to him though as he’ll likely drop the thing, seriously one of the greatest goalkeepers to ever grace the english game

  12. I would love Grobbelaar to come out of my fridge!! Put whisk down!! lol Classic!!!!

  13. Corrupt. You only get money back if you select scorecast or last goalscorer. Which is incredibly hard to do anyway. And Grob is an appaling actor.

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