25 thoughts on “Brazil Vs Zimbabwe 3-0 All Goals & Highlights – Fryendly 2010

  1. @Junior9319 i have this doubt too, i hope they play much better at world cup, because playing like that they won’t win.

  2. @Junior9319 i have this doubt too, i hope they play much better at world cup, because playing like that they won’t win.

  3. Oh Dear.Looks like some fanboy got butt hurt when his boyfriend didnt get selected for the world cup :-p

  4. FUCK DUNGA !!

    where the fuck is PATO ??
    what a hell is this ?
    Dunga should have both Ronaldinhio and pato
    passion of pato and the expirince of Ronni

  5. @llAlonzoll, lol..it’s nice to seethat you’re really optimistic and shit. “They take it easy at the beginning and then they start to make shots and shit.” Yeah, but that’s the OLD Brazil though.

  6. they do everithing now the chance is for this team ungraetful when you dont take this players just because there are dinho and ronado

  7. @A01049132, it’s not that! I will give this new team a chance, but i’m not setting my hopes up. Sorry! you people are really ungrateful against Ronaldhino and Ronaldo and i’m sorry but you guys are gonna pay for your ungratefulness in this world cup. What a damn shame!

  8. ronaldinho was my favorite player but is no fair put in your squad ronaldinho just for the name when other players like elano,felipe melo, robinho kaka etc. they play good in the brazilian team and ronaldinho doesn’t . Dunga gives a team, not bunch of losers stars, pepople don’t understand what is a team, they just want players that in present don’t prove nothing, please just see games not players only

  9. Yeah,dunga the dog should pick u up and do the blowjob thing for him.Lets see how dunga is going to be shot dead if brazil cant make it to claims their 6th world cup title.You can die with him since u support him that much.Dont forget to get urself a coffin!!!

  10. Good God its unbelievable some people still want a lazy lard ass Ronaldo who does not run and gets injured every other match.Clearly these idiots are not BRAZIL fans but fans of certain players.

  11. Have u seen Ronnie play in the qualifiers or the Olympics at all?? He has been utter shit. I see that u are from Holland. U want Ronaldinho to play so that he does his crappy fancy move then lose the ball then drag his ass around the park for the next 89 minutes doing nothing. That way maybe Oranje has a chance against Brazil???

  12. Ronaldinho has been shit for Brazil. Dont forget Brazil has won the Copa America and Confed Cup without Ronaldinho; he is surplus to requirements.

  13. Ronaldinho can only come in for Robinho as a sub; not Kaka.Nilmar is the sub for Robinho. So i dont see where Ronaldinho can fit in.He has been given so many chances in the last 4 years by Dunga, and he was absolute shit!. I support Dunga for dropping Dinho.

  14. i like brazil and i thing they will win for south africa world cup edition…but i really dont understand with dunga..y he not picked ronaldinho…he in onform at milan..and help milan to champions league for 2010-2011 season…

  15. than u havent seeing him play and KAKA? HAHAH guy hasnt done shit dunga just doesnt like ronaldinho brazil aint going far this year

  16. not impressed its just a cold war between those 2 ronaldinho had 15 goals 18 assists milan made this year about 55 goals or something do the math and see if milan had ronaldinho not which place they would end up proberly 15th or something kaka aint done shit and hes in the squad same goes for robinho

  17. wow….WHAt A BUNCH OF IDIOTS commenting….

    If you don t know about FUTEBOL, go what baseball….

    and if these guys that call themselves brasilians….but don t believe we can get the trophy : YOU ARE AN IDIOT TOO!!!

    and for the superidiot comment about ROBINHO: he’s great, he deserves to be there…even PELE blesses him!!!!!

    so SHUT UP people and learn something watching the masters!!!!!!

  18. so wth was ronaldinho doing this year he played great had a great despite no prices wth did kaka only thing i hear about him on the news is crying about hes coach that the coach aint good enough and blablabla and when mourinho came he cried again saying he aint happy with the new coach while he was the one who wanted mourinho as hes coach

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