25 thoughts on “best save in the world

  1. The ball could have been caught so easily with his hands. The best save in the world actually is Casillas save against Sevilla.

  2. The ball wasn’t in play so The goalie just figured That he’d try something..I’m sure it was the ball was still in play he would’ve caught it.

  3. ryt for every 1 who dont no the lil story heres what happend they were playin normal match then the goalie thought it was off side so he pulled this stunt and it exactly wasnt !! TRUTH

  4. well, he is one of the best goalies, so its kinda normal for him to show off, and its not as if he did it in a close game

  5. yeah, it is real, but the ref had blown for an offside or a foul, so the goal wouldn’t have counted had it gone in, he was just doing it cause there was no pressure for him to et it right

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