Zimbabwe and Mozambique will be taking on each other in a high-profile match that more or less has no meaning, but it will be extremely important for both teams due to various reasons. Even though they cannot qualify for the World Cup 2014, this match will be of greater significance in the future of the two teams. New Zimbabwe manager Ian Gorowa has said that he has challenged his players to get a victory from this match. Both teams are separated only by a few points in the group G. Mozambique have two points on board and are third in the table.

Zimbabwe, meanwhile, have just only one point from the five matches. Egypt have taken qualification from this group after winning the group, while Guinea have come second. Klaus Dieter Pagels did a decent job of helping Zimbabwe stay afloat, but he was unable to prevent them from losing ground on the World Cup qualifying group. Hence, Gorowa was given a monumental task took over the job as the national team manager a few months ago. Even though Gorowa will be unable to change the fact that Zimbabwe cannot be at the 2014 World Cup, he is hoping to finish the qualification campaign with at least a victory.

“To be honest we have not won in this group and I do not want to take responsibility for something when I was not in charge. In this game we have to play for our pride as Zimbabweans and have to win at home, which is very important. Also, we have to look at the performance of some of the players whom we have not used as a technical team and we need to access them so I think it’s important to get both results and performance,” said Gorowa ahead of the match with Mozambique.